Episode 91 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 91:
Bobby O’Connor wrapped up his interview with Harvey Perkins, got into his black Toyota Camry and drove back to his office in the Kelowna Sun building. He was feeling very energized. This was a sensation that Bobby had not felt in a long time. He remembered feeling like this back in his hockey playing days. It reminded him of his prime years when he would be skating down the wing looking for an opening in his opponent’s defense. Bobby would experience a rush of adrenaline as he picked his spot and wound up for what announcer Danny Gallivan would call a ‘cannonating’ slap shot.
In just one day, Bobby had come out from under a black cloud of depression and a nauseating hangover.
Today was going to be a different day for Bobby O’Connor. His life was about to change. For today, he could forget about those miserable bus rides with the Kelowna Katfish hockey team. He would not have to listening to some young junior hockey player bragging about his latest sexual conquest. The sports reporter would not have to smell the sickeningly sweet aroma of testosterone and male body odour. Today was going to be different.

Picture 17

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