Episode 92 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 92 of The Lake Demon:
Bobby O’Connor entered the offices of The Kelowna Sun and started making his way towards his editor’s office. He had to suck in his gut in order to squeeze by the secretaries and other reporter’s desks. Bobby now weighed close to two hundred fifty pounds and was starting to turn grey around the temples. He could see his editor, Jack Walby sitting back in his black executive’s chair. Bobby chuckled to himself when it occurred to him how much Jack Walby looked like the actor, Ed Asner. At times Bobby had almost slipped up and called Jack, Lou, the character played by Ed Asner on The Mary Tyler Moore show. Heck, Bobby was waiting for Mary to appear in Jack Walby’s office at any moment.
On Jack’s desk was a picture of his third wife and all his kids from his previous marriages. An opened box of pepperoni pizza was sitting on Jack’s desk. There were three slices of pizza remaining in the box.
Booby knocked on Jack’s door and Jack waved for him to come in. Jack was talking to someone on the phone while cradling a Diet Coke in one hand. A few seconds after Bobby entered his office Jack hung up the phone and motioned for Bobby to take a seat.

Picture 19


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