Episode 93 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart


Episode 93:

Booby knocked on Jack’s door and Jack waved for him to come in. Jack was talking to someone on the phone while cradling a Diet Coke in one hand. A few seconds after Bobby entered his office Jack hung up the phone and motioned for Bobby to take a seat.

Bobby sat facing Jack’s long oak wood desk in a maroon colored leather chair with a slight tear in it.

“So, what’s up Bobby? You got the report on last night’s game?” asked Jack taking a bite from a pizza slice. “Oh, man, where’s my manners? Help yourself to a slice of pizza, Bobby.

“Not right now, Jack but thanks for the offer. Now to answer your first question, I’ve got something much better than a report on a junior hockey game. I’ve started gathering material for a breakthrough series of articles,” answered Bobby.

“What are you talking about? I’m already feeling that I might be sorry I asked,” said the editor cleaning his hands with a white napkin.

“We’re talking about cutting edge science, Jack. I’ve recently interviewed a few people who claimed to have seen Ogopogo. I’ve even got a couple of pictures that I got verified by a photographic expert.”

“Ogopogo? What does that have to do with The Kelowna Katfish. Are they looking for a new logo?” asked Jack chuckling as he threw his crumpled up napkin into a nearby green garbage can.

Booby sat up and leaned forward towards his editor’s desk. “I’m very serious about this one. It could be a great scoop for The Kelowna Sun.”



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