Episode 95 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 95:

Bobby couldn’t wait another second to get to his desk and start writing his first newspaper article on Ogopogo. What folPicture 23lows is Bobby O’Connor’s first draft of the article:


There have long been rumours of a mysterious creature that inhabits Lake Okanogan.This unknown animal is known as Ogopogo and first was mentioned in First Nations legends. They called Ogopogo, the lake demon. There have been many reported sightings of the creature since that time, often as many as ten per year.

Most people doubt the existence of a sea monster in Lake Okanogan and claim that it is a mythical creature. They state that the reported sightings are either hoaxes or are reports of people who have mistakenly seen some other object or phenomena.

Then there are the true believers who claim to have actually had a real sighting or close encounter with Ogopogo. There have also been reports of persons who have gone missing while near Lake Okanogan,

This summer has seen an unusually high number of reports of Ogopogo.This reporter has interviewed some of the people that have had close encounters with the creature.

I have talked with two very credible young people known as Ryan and Monique. They told this writer that they had recently seen Ogopogo while they were out jogging near the banks of the lake. Monique was able to take two pictures of an unusual phenomenon that she and Ryan claim is Ogopogo. I have had a photographic expert check these photos out and he told me that they have not been tampered with. Around the same time two local fishermen also sighted an unusual object approximately one hundred meters distant from their boat. I have had the opportunity to talk to one of the fishermen in person and he is firmly of the belief that  what they saw was Ogopogo.







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