The Necessity of Faith


The Necessity of Faith

Yesterday, I felt an emotion that I have felt upon many occasions in my life. This emotion is fear. I have often felt this way when I am just entering a new year and I start to dwell on the negative things that happened in the previous year. If I let this kind of fear get a solid hold on me I know that I am in danger of spiritual paralysis, a condition that I have faced many times in my life.

When one is spiritually paralysed they lose hope. They start to think that they are just a loser and for various reasons life just doesn’t seem to go their way. During these times I rarely blame God. I usually blame myself and my own human reason. I start to think thoughts like, I’m just not smart enough or I just don’t have any will power. These are extremely damaging thoughts that are not going to bring any good in my life.

What then, is the antidote to this condition? Faith in God,  pure and simple, not faith in myself. Faith in myself wavers according to what type of day I am having and how I am feeling at the time. This, I cannot rely upon.

So what should I do in practical terms? I need to feed my head and heart with the power of God’s promises. I must get it deep in my heart that God loves me and wants to bless me every day with divine health and prosperity. I must believe that God is never angry with me because Jesus paid the price for me. I need to read my Bible Promise books and meditate upon what I read in them.

 Most of all I need to forgive myself for my human weaknesses. I must think about the fact that God always has my back.

I must not dwell upon other people’s criticisms and negative judgements made upon me. I must learn to see myself the way God sees me. I must meditate upon how much God loves me.

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