Fear Is Exhausting

Fear is Exhausting
On Friday I experienced a sudden flood of fear. Many times in life I have felt the heaviness and tiredness that fear can produce. I have found that my personal fears usually fall into two categories; fear of deteriorating health and fears of lack of finances. These two areas of fear cover a lot of territory in one’s life. Last Friday my vision seemed to have gotten worse and this caused me to panic rather than to rest in God’s protection. Fortunately, my fear of an increasing loss of eye sight turned out to be a temporary false alarm. What I learned from this experience is how exhausting bouts of fear and anxiety can be. I can’t really be too hard on myself as my fear was quite understandable at the time.
I have been fortunate that in my life I have had a relatively easy time believing in God. What I have had difficulties with is believing that He will always come through for me no matter how dire the circumstances appear to be.
I have found that there are two levels that we live on. One is the natural and the other is the supernatural. I have come to understand that hope only resides in the realm of the supernatural. There are challenges that we face in the natural realm that simply appear to be too overwhelming. Our only hope is to cry out to God for His divine intervention.
I often picture my life as having a big score board in the sky. In the natural realm my score card often indicates that I am losing in the game of life and am facing an insurmountable lack of positive points. On this score board the trials and tribulations of life are accumulating an enormously high score. At times like these I find that I only have one choice; to turn to God.
The good thing is that God does not see the same score board that we see with the natural eye. God sees a supernatural score board that reflects a different score; a score that shows our victory if we rely on His power.
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