Shall I Stay Or Shall I Go Now? (Part One)

Shall I Stay Or Shall I Go Now? (Part One)
I don’t honestly know why I gave this blog post this particular title. It just kept repeating itself in my head. I have had a lot of things to think about during this Christmas season. It certainly has not been boring that’s for sure. I have often felt that I am just an actor in the play of life and that I didn’t get to write much, if any of the script. Often when I write my blogs they seem to write themselves. Quite often I start writing a blog post with little if any idea which direction it will go.
Most things in life I simply don’t understand. For example, yesterday evening and a few minutes ago I missed three substitute teaching assignments that I figured I would enjoy. I had to ask God why I did not get assigned to at least one of them. I think that I would be fully qualified for any of these assignments and they would likely have been both educational and enjoyable for both the students and myself.I was very disappointed but my wife told me that God had a good reason why I didn’t get any of these assignments. Still, I find it very difficult to let go and let God. I can think of a few reasons in the natural realm why I missed these job opportunities. I can reason that maybe my computer is running too slowly and that I was merely defeated by a faster computer. I could reason that I am not the only substitute in the city so why should I always expect God’s favor. Maybe God just wants me to write some more blogs today or He has an assignment with my name on it for this afternoon. Maybe one or more of my students was supposed to read this blog post. It never ceases to amaze me that some students actually read my blogs and watch my videos.Picture 23


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