Episode 97 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 97:
“You need to read Bobby O’Connors article in today’s Kelowna Sun,” said Blake who was now pacing excitedly on the patio of his deck.
“Can you give me the highlights first?” asked Dean Sanderson.
“Of course. O’Connor is primarily known as a sports writer for the Sun so it strikes me as very odd how he is now writing articles on Ogopogo. With that being said, Bobby has written a sizzling article on the recent local interest in Ogopogo. He gives a brief history of the Lake Demon and then describes eyewitness accounts of recent local encounters with the creature. He writes about Ryan Richards and Monique Painchaud’s recent sighting of Ogopogo and then backs up their story with a local fisherman’s sighting of the creature at roughly the same time on the same day. O’Connor even has the gall to publish Monique’s pictures of Ogopogo. I doubt that Monique has had time to get these photos copyrighted,” answered Blake Riley.
“That’s startling news. Did Mr. O’Connor write anything else about Ogopogo?” asked Dean Sanderson.
“Yes. Here’s the zinger. He talked to the sheriff about the case of the old lady, Mrs. Rhodes and her dog going missing under suspicious circumstances. O’Connor insinuated that Ida Rhodes and her dog could have fallen prey to Ogopogo. As his deputy was in the office at the time of the interview, he related his story about his son and his friend having a scary encounter with Ogopogo.”
“Well, we already have some advanced publicity for our expedition!” said the dean.
“That we do,” laughed Blake.default


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