Does Watching Wrestling Cause Insomnia?

Does Watching Wrestling Cause Insomnia?
Last night the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw I watched was probably the best episode of Raw that I’ve seen in two decades. For some reason the script or Creative Department made the individual soap opera like plots much more interesting. Naming last night’s show Old School Raw and bringing back the legends of wrestling was pure genius. The old wrestling legends gave a welcome feeling of nostalgia to the show. Although only a few former superstars did any active wresting last night, their participation was intrinsic to the success of the show. And that’s what wrestling is; sports entertainment or a show
I greatly enjoyed seeing the old legends such as Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Jake the Snake Roberts. Bringing Jake Roberts out near the conclusion of the program (along with his Burmese python) was pure genius from the producers. I think that having all the old wrestling legends of the past backstage inspired the new generation of younger wrestlers, of which some are just entering the primes of their careers, to bring their A games to Monday night’s show.
I have observed that recently Vince McMahon is hiring less bodybuilders with extreme physiques. He has presently been including some wrestlers with less than impressive physical presentations, but far more interesting personas. The Wyatt family and The Shield are a great example of this. With more interesting characters to work with, the Creative Department must be finding it much easier to dream up interesting plot scenarios.
When I went to bed last night I had a very hard time falling asleep leaving me with a serious bout of insomnia. Did watching last night’s Monday Night Raw put my adrenal glands into overdrive mode?Picture 16


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