Episode 98 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 98:
By this time Ryan Richards and Monique Painchaud were already in the habit of going for their morning jogs together.
“It was nice to finally meet your grandfather yesterday after noon,” said Monique.
“Yeah, the old man still looked pretty good considering that he has terminal cancer,” added Ryan. “He’s always been a tough old bird. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him beat the cancer after all.”
“That would be awesome!” said Monique pushing a stray strand of her hair out of her eyes.
“Shall we stop off at Tim Horton’s for some refreshments?” asked Ryan.
“Isn’t that standard procedure by now?” laughed Monique.
“I guess it is,” Ryan answered. “ People will start talking. Pretty soon they’re going to start saying that we’re an item.”
“Would that be such a bad thing?” asked Monique.
“Not in my eyes,” replied Ryan smiling.
“It works for me too,” said Monique.
At that moment they both stopped jogging and embraced in a passionate hug. When they finally let go of each other minutes later they were both crying. This embrace was the perfect opportunity for both of them to release a torrent of pent up emotion.Picture 4


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