Episode 99 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 99:
Dr. Wally Standfield had been suffering repeated bouts of insomnia since he left The Department of Fisheries. He wasn’t aware how much of his time and energy had been used up as a working scientist. As he was given a rather generous severance package and had wisely accumulated a sizeable savings account as well as making some profitable investments in his mutual funds portfolio, Wally Standfield could probably call his recent termination of employment an early retirement.
However, Wally like most brilliant and curious men became bored very easily. He required a constant stream of intellectual stimulation.
With a sigh of disgust he got out of his bed at 2:30 AM. He had been struggling to fall asleep and had no success. Wally’s mind
was simply overactive. It now took Wally more time to get out of his bed than it used to. He still maintained the three hundred pound plus weight that he carried in his years as a wrestler. The problem was that as he got older Wally had not maintained his old workout routines. The truth was that these days he worked out at the gym very sporadically. Part of the reason for his adopting a more sedentary lifestyle was his age and lack of sufficient motivation. The other reason was that he had sustained some painful injuries in his years as a pro wrestler and was learning that many of these past insults to his body now had residual symptoms. Wally got out of bed slowly with a great groan of pain. He knew that his first stop would be the bathroom medicine cabinet where his narcotic pain pills were stored.Picture 21

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