Episode 100 of the Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 100:
After washing down his morning meds with a large glass of unfiltered water, Wally opened the front door of his house and brought in the early edition of The Kelowna Sun. As usual his dog, Snuggles followed him to the door. Wally loved all animals but his favorites were of the canine variety. About a year ago Wally picked up Snuggles from the local Pet Rescue Center. Snuggles was a blue healer cross and had quite a unique appearance. He looked like a white dog that had black paint spilled all over him. Despite being very eccentric, Wally Standfield was a very kind man, once you got to know him. Wally walked over to the kitchen table in his Homer Simpson slippers. He took one of his electronic cigarettes and placed it in its charger. Wally was trying to find an alternative to smoking tobacco for several years now. At sixty-two years of age he knew that he was far too old to still be smoking. It was just adding another health risk to add to his obesity. His wife, Audrey had bought him a starter kit of a popular brand of electronic cigarettes hoping that this would help Harvey stay away from tobacco cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. Giving up smoking was one of the hardest things that Wally had ever tempted to do. Audrey loved her husband very much and was hoping that he would be sticking around for a few more years.055


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