Episode 101 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 101:
As Wally Standfield opened the morning issue of The Kelowna Sun he was stunned to see a front page picture of what appeared to be Ogopogo. The headline read:
Local Sports Reporter says that Ogopogo is Alive and Well in Lake Okanogan ! See page 17.

After studying the cover photo for another few seconds Wally opened the paper to page seventeen. Wally used the yellow highlighter that he left on his kitchen table the night before. He began to highlight the key points of the article.
1) There have been a record number of reported Ogopogo sightings this summer.
2) Two young people, Ryan Richards and Monique Painchaud had seen Ogopogo while out jogging and had taken two photos of what they were sure was the creature. These were the photos both featured on the front page and included in the article.
3) A local fisherman had reported seeing the same object in the lake on the same day and at the same time.
4) There had recently been a police report that an elderly lady and her dog had gone missing. They were walking by the banks of Lake Okanogan when they disappeared and still had not been found after a week had passed.
Winston Standfield was still hurting from his dismissal at The Fisheries Department. He felt that the government agency did not have legitimate grounds for his termination. He thought that office politics had a lot to do with it. Winston realized that he didn’t have the greatest people skills and had a short fuse. He also figured that telling his supervisor about his recent encounter with Ogopogo was likely the last straw for his supervisor. He knew that his boss considered Winston to be a loose cannon and didn’t want any scientific or academic mavericks working for The Department of Fisheries.
Winston was determined to prove to his former supervisor and to his former colleagues at The Fisheries department that he was neither a flake nor a liar.
This morning’s article in The Kelowna Sun convinced Winston Standfied that this was the right time to either join or start up an expedition to search for Ogopogo.

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