Episode 102 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 102 :
“Man, that class was dynamite!” exclaimed Garry Phelge.
“Yeah, Todd is quite the teacher, isn’t he? asked Wally Standfield.
Both Wally and Garry were sitting on their favorite bench in the courtyard of The Kelowna Mental Health Center enjoying their post class smokes.
“Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think that I would be learning about drama and Shakespeare at in a psych ward,” said Garry Phelge.
“Believe me it wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t have Todd Finlay as one of our workers,” replied Wally Standfield.
“Where did he learn to teach like that?” asked Garry.
The Center was very fortunate to get Todd. Todd was a former high school English teacher. He quit teaching after about five years. Todd couldn’t stand all the paperwork and bureaucracy. Todd just wanted to teach students. He also has a nephew who has schizophrenia. Todd started studying up on schizophrenia on his own. It wasn’t too long after that he read an ad in The Kelowna Sun. The classified ad was for a life coach worker at The Kelowna Mental Health Center. Todd thought that this job might make for an interesting career change for him.
“Wow, acting out Macbeth in drama class. Having us march up and down the halls with our plastic swords and shields yelling, ‘Hail to King Duncan!’”
“That’s our fearless leader, Todd Finlay alright. I’ve been here for a while and I’ve never seen him teach a boring class,” said Wally.
“I guess teaching’s loss was mental health’s gain,” said Garry.
“Not everyone in administration would agree with you. They just can’t figure out why a mental health worker would be teaching drama to his clients. They would prefer that Todd stick to what they call basic life skills training. These administrators think that Todd should stick to classes such as personal hygiene and room care.
“How boring is that?” Garry stated.
“Exactly. I mean Todd teaches those classes too but he even manages to make them interesting by using his wit, creativity and sense of humor.”Picture 10


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