Ken David Stewart Brief Profile

Ken David Stewart
About Me
Hello fellow readers, writers and bloggers. I’ll give you a short summary about myself. I have just joined Mibba. I am sixty-one years old and am presently semi-retired. I still do a fair amount of substitute teaching and read and write stories in my spare time. I love books and audiobooks. I also write quite a few blogs on I have two websites, and
My favorite reading and writing genres are drama, science fiction and horror. My favorite author is Stephen King.
I enjoy reading the works of young, new writers and even old writers, like myself. It’s all art and it’s all good.
I also love music and like to rock out on both my electric guitar and my bass guitar. I like a variety of musical artists including Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead. The truth is if I listed all the musicians and bands I like it would probably make up a book of its own.
I love all animals especially my family’s two dogs and cats.
To date I have written a play called Roswell 1947 and a novella called Lake Mariposa. I am presently working on a novel called The Lake Demon and am releasing it in periodic, serial episodes.
Happy reading and writing.
Ken David Stewart
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