My Dog is a Better Writer Than I Am

The Figures Don’t Lie
Last evening after a heavy day of writing several new episodes for my work in progress novel, The Lake Demon as well as taping a new video episode of my popular show, What’s Up? I decided that I would check out my stats. To my amazement the stats displayed indicated that I had broken a personal record for reader views.
Of course I was delighted. I write fiction and blogs basically for my own entertainment. If anyone else reads or enjoys them that’s a bonus. Still, it feels good when I find out that some people actually read my blogs and a treasured few actually press the like button.
The next questions was what did I do yesterday that was so different that it radically increased my readership and video viewing audience. The first thing I did was check out which particular blog posts garnered the most votes. I noticed that one particular blog that I hadn’t even posted that day scored 202 views. I then read back the blog to see what was so special about Episode 100 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart. To my surprise I couldn’t detect anything that would render this piece of writing such a high rating. I next thought of checking my traditional attached photo. Usually these photos are pictures of me. For Episode 100, however, I had chosen a photo of my blue healer dog, Snuggles. I quickly put two and two together. What had generated all the reader views was not the brilliance of my writing but the picture of my dog! It made me think that maybe I should disavow any dreams of being an aspiring writer and seriously consider a new career as an animal photographer. Is anyone who works for National Geographic reading this


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