Episode 111 of The lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Picture 35“Life as a pro wrestler is much different from a nine to five job,” Winston answered. “You spend a lot of time on the road. I only had a handful of matches in the big league, the WWE. I probably didn’t get over well enough with the fans. Maybe my character wasn’t as interesting as I thought.
For most of my career I worked the independent wrestling promotions,”
“What was the major difference between working for Vince McMahon and wrestling in the independent circuits?” asked Garry.
That made Winston laugh. “That’s easy, the money. The second difference would probably be the lack of job security in the independent organizations. Thirdly, there was the travel. Professional wrestlers spend a lot of time on the road whether they wrestle in the WWE or on the independent circuit. The truth is that you spend much more time travelling between wrestling gigs than you do actually wrestling,” said Winston packing some Borkum Riff pipe tobacco in his white Meerschaum pipe with the lion’s head engraved in it. Winston owned five pipes that he kept close by in a wooden pipe holder that his former wife had given him as a birthday present several years ago.
Winston went on answering Garry’s question. “Pro wrestlers practically always travel to gigs together. The big difference in the WWE is that their wrestlers can afford new SUVs.Heck, some even drove hummers, In the independent promotions the wrestlers usually travelled in unreliable old ,rusty vans or cars that were often twenty years old. Frequent vehicle breakdowns was a common occurrence as was running out of gas. We’d often have to thumb a ride into town to get our car towed to a service station or to pick up a jerry can filled with gas. There were times when we were crunched for time and we’d have to hitch hike all the way to our next gig.”
“Wow, That doesn’t sound like much fun Gramps,” said Wally grabbing a handful of popcorn.
“Believe it or not we did have fun, at least most of the time. We were mostly young guys just starting out in the business so we thought of it as an adventure. You need to remember that I had a factory job before I took up wrestling. I hated that job. It was monotonous, dirty, dangerous work. In comparison pro wrestling was like a paid holiday,” Winston explained.


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