Episode 113 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 113 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart
“When I began my wrestling career I never had a boring day. There was no way of knowing what was going to happen on any given day,” said Winston. Plus we were young and we could tolerate a lot more physical and mental abuse. I could spend the rest of the weekend telling you guys my wrestling stories. Maybe I’ll tell you another one tomorrow, but now let’s watch some Friday Night Smackdown.”
The two boys had a good time watching the wrestling show with Winston. Winston provided a running commentary on the matches and explained the differences between modern wrestling and old school wrestling.
After watching Smackdown Winston made three bowlfuls of popcorn and served his weekend guests some more pop and coffee.
The next topic of conversation was the mental health system and living inside psychiatric treatment facilities. The present mental health system in North America is a disaster.
The only people it benefits are those who have fancy, important sounding job titles along with vastly inflated salaries, These are only the top bureaucrats that work for the government and the upper echelon in the pharmaceutical industry.” Winston stated. “From what I’ve heard, however, the place you guys are in has a reputation for being one of the best mental health treatment facilities in Canada,”
“That’s the truth Gramps. The front line rehabilitation staff is really cool and they work hard to provide us with a good program,” said Wally.
“That’s correct,” added Garry. Todd and Shelly really same to care about their clients and Dr. Wiesenthall is a good psychiatrist.”
“Then you guys are really fortunate to be getting treatment there. You are part of a very small minority of people with psychiatric disabilities that don’t fall through the cracks of our mental health system. Many mental health consumers, especially those living with schizophrenia, end up either being homeless or live in homeless shelters where they are warehoused and receive no treatment or rehabilitation programs whatsoever,” said Winston.
“Some also have to live in filthy cockroach and rat infested hotel rooms or tiny, private rooming houses,” added Wally.
“Whichever way you slice it your average mental health consumer is getting very little benefit from our present system,” said Winston.
“Do you think the system will ever change?” asked Garry looking in Winston Stanfield’s direction.
“I really doubt that’s ever going to happen. There are too many high salaried bureaucrats and too many corporations who are pulling in too much money from the way the present system functions,” Winston answered.
“This conversation is getting too depressing and I’m starting to get sleepy. I think I’ll be turning in for the night,” said Wally getting up from the sofa.
“I think I’ll do the same thing. I’ve really enjoyed myself this evening, but I think I’m too tired to stay up any longer. This has been a long day for Wally and I,” said Garry.
“I’ll also be turning in in a few minutes. I have some air mattresses for you guys to sleep on. I don’t have any extra beds since my wife left me and Wally left home,” said Winston.
“Have a good sleep and I’ll have a good breakfast prepared for us in the morning.”

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