A Review of The Royal Rumble 2014

A Review of The Royal Rumble 2014
The WWE may have turned a corner. The wrestling shows that I have been watching recently have greatly improved in their entertainment value.
Take Sunday night’s PPV, The Royal Rumble 2914 for example. With one exception the matches were not boring. The night got off to a flying start with a classic tussle between Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan. Bryan has clearly emerged as a fan favorite. This is very interesting as Daniel Bryan is neither a large nor a very attractive man but the fans love him. My suspicion is that it is the desire to root for the underdog.
Bray Wyatt and his family are just downright creepy. Their entrance video and music is a stroke of genius. The demented hillbilly angle has worked quite successfully in the movie horror genre and it’s also working in the world of professional wrestling.
Brock Lesnar’s merciless chair attack on Big Show just verified that the Giant can only be beat by surprise attacks and outside interference,
The Shield is now as good as done as a unified team. They are no longer on the same page, Roman Reigns is destined to realize the weaknesses of his two fellow partners and will soon be ready to leave The Shield.
What’s with Kane eliminating C.M. Punk in the Royal Rumble match? Kane was eliminated much earlier and came back to dispose of punk. This isn’t legal.
The only disappointing match of the night was the one for the WWE championship. The match between Randy Orton and John Cena was boring and predictable.

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