Dusting Off The Old, Rough Copies

Dusting Off The Old, Rough Copies
During the last week I have been finding copies of some of my older writing work. Most of these are still in the rough draft stage and need a lot of editing and formatting. I am presently not very good at formatting documents but I am hoping to teach myself some new tricks.
Fortunately, I’ve saved most of my older writings on either an external hard drive or on flash drives. Some of my first plays, in hard copy format, are probably in an old box somewhere in my house. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find them.
I have already revised my novella, Lake Mariposa for at least the fourth time. During my most recent revision I have been able to get the text of lake Mariposa into a more readable format. To my surprise, while revising Lake Mariposa, I found that I still thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. If this novella had been written by someone other than me I would both buy it and read it. This just be my own tastes and prejudices at work, but I wonder if some other people who grew up in the late sixties and early seventies might also enjoy it. My most recent revision of Lake Mariposa is available on WordPress.com, Typepad, Wattpad.com and my own website, kendavid stewart.com on ipage.com. This novella is free to read and download.
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