Chapter 3 of Roswell Revisited 2014


General Kane: You boys can all leave now. The military will take charge from here. Private Enns put the oxygen equipment on the alien and help him walk to the jeep.



Prof. Stone: Now hold on, General. This poor creature is not your prisoner. He needs immediate medical attention.


Gen. Kane: Is that so? Hey, I know you. You’re that goofy professor I saw on the Discovery Channel last night. You’re the old geezer who went out hunting for dinosaur bones. Now listen up, egghead. You and your students didn’t see anything unusual out here today. You saw nothing and you heard nothing. In fact, as far as you’re concerned today never happened. If you people tell anyone about the crashed spacecraft or these aliens, they’ll be looking for your bones in the desert by morning. Do I make myself clear?


Professor Stone: Perfectly clear, sir. Your secret is safe with us.



Act II Scene Two:


Narrator: After Mick Russell leaves the sheriff’s office he is feeling   a little thirsty. He decides to stop in at Dusty’s Tavern. He carries his bag in with him.


Dusty the Bartender: Howdy, Mick. What you got there in the bag?


Narrator: As Mick is about to open his bag and spill the contents on the barroom counter, he turns to see Lloyd the Barber sitting beside him.




Mick: Hey, aren’t you Lloyd the Barber from the Andy 047


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