Chapter Four of Roswell Revisited 2014

Mick: Hey, aren’t you Lloyd the Barber from the Andy Griffin Show.

Lloyd: The one and only. Let’s see what you got there in the bag, buddy.

Narrator: Mick dumps the contents of the bag on the table.

Mick: Hey Lloyd, how are Aunt Bee and Obie doing?

Lloyd: Look man, this is the way it is. There is no Obie and there is no Aunt Bee. It’s just a TV show. It’s not real, man.

Mick: I know that. You think I’m stupid or something?

Lloyd: Ah, I’m just messing with you, man. Why don’t you show us what’s in your bag and I’ll buy you a beer.

Mick: Well for a free beer I guess I can empty my bag and tell you where I found this stuff.

Narrator: Mick empties the bag of metallic material on the barroom table.

Lloyd: Wow! Look at this stuff. Is this stuff weird or what?

Mick: Just watch this.

Narrator: Mick roles a piece of the metal up into a ball. It rolls out perfectly straight.

Dusty: Wow, I’ve never seen metal do that before.

Mick: That’s nothing! Watch this. Dusty, lend me the hammer in your drawer.

Narrator: Mick hits the metal with the hammer as hard as he can. There isn’t a mark left on the metal.

Dusty: Where you get this metal Mick?

Mick: I found this stuff scattered all over my ranch this morning.

Lloyd: Buddy, you really got yourself something there. For all we know it could be pieces of a crashed flying saucer we’ve all been hearing about. My advice to you is to take your bag of weird metal right down to the radio station and tell them your story right now!

Mick: You think that’s a good idea, Lloyd?

Lloyd: You bet it’s a good idea. From what I hear there’s a big reward for anyone who has evidence of a real flying saucer.

Mick: Then I’m off to the radio station. Thanks for the tip, Lloyd. Say hi to Obie and Aunt Bee for me.

Narrator: Mick quickly puts the metal pieces back in the bag and almost runs to the Roswell radio station.



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