Lake Mariposa Chapters 20 to 23

Rick had to admit that the smell emanating from the outdoor toilet was very nauseating. “Where do you want to go Sasha?”

“Take me down the path to the wooded area. I’ll find a place to pee there but I want you with me to stand guard. The couple only had to walk about ten yards before Sasha found a nice, secluded spot by a tree. “Now stay right here Rick and turn around.” In a few seconds Sasha had unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her panties. Rick soon listened to the sound of Sasha urinating on the grass and leaves.

“You can turn around now Rick. By this time Sasha was buttoning up her jeans. “Man, did that feel good. There was no way that I was going to sit on one of those disgusting Port-O-Sans. Thanks for coming with me Rick. I feel safe with you around. I really trust you.”

“That’s very nice of you to say Sasha but you didn’t even know me a few hours ago,” said Rick with a look of contentment on his face.

“I may only be fifteen years old Rick but I know guys and you’re the real deal,” said Sasha.

Rick could no longer contain his joy. He gave Sasha an overpowering bear hug.

“Easy Rick. You’re going to break my ribs. You lift weights don’t you?” said Sasha breathlessly.

“Sorry, Sasha. Yes, I do train with weights,” answered Rick with an apologetic expression.

“You don’t need to apologize Rick. My ribs will heal. I always wanted to date a real man,” responded Sasha with a comforting expression on her face.

“Thanks Sasha. I never had a girl say that about me before. By this time the pain of Rick’s recent betrayal by Arwen seemed but a distant memory. Rick was starting to feel elated.

Although Rick and his family did not attend church, Rick had always believed in God. He whispered,”Thank you God,” under his breath in response to the good day that he was having. He was also praying that his relationship with Sasha wouldn’t meet the same fate as the one with Arwen.
He whispered loudly enough for Sasha to hear him.”

She looked at Rick and asked, “Do you believe in God, Rick?”

“Yes, I’ve never really doubted God’s existence. My parents aren’t religious or anything but whenever I look up at the night sky or look at animals I can’t help but think that they were created by some Higher Power,” Rick explained.

“Just like in the book of Genesis you mean?” asked Sasha.

“Do you read the Bible, Sasha? “ Rick asked with surprise.

“Not as much as I probably should but I’m exposed to a lot of Biblical teaching at the Christian school I attend in L.A.” answered Sasha.

“Your dad doesn’t strike me as the religious type,” laughed Rick.

“ He isn’t. It’s my mother who is the Christian. She got saved about three years ago.”

“Saved? What do you mean by saved? Saved from what?” asked Rick lighting up a Cameo cigarette.

“Saved from many things but most importantly saved from hell,” answered Sasha.

“And how does one get saved from hell?”

“By accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior,” answered Sasha.

“I’d like to hear more about this but right now I’m getting a strong craving for a corn dog. The aroma from those concession stands is really getting to me,” said Rick searching in his wallet for money.

“I’d love to stop for a corn dog, Rick,” said Sasha.

“What are we waiting for then? I’ve got enough money for two corn dogs and drinks for both of us,” Rick offered as they walked about ten yards across to the concession stand.

After they purchased their corn dogs and soft drinks Rick and Sasha found a round table covered by an umbrella with the Pepsi logo on it.

“So why did your mom want you to go to a Christian school?” asked Rick as he took a sip of his Pepsi.

“My mother has some Christian friends that highly recommended the Christian School in our neighborhood. At that time I was getting into a lot of trouble at the public school that I was attending. My mother hoped that the Christian school would provide me with some good moral standards,” Sasha explained as she unwrapped her corn dog.



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