Lake Mariposa Chapters 38 to 41

“You’re beautiful,” said Joker with his eyes fixed on Misty.

“That she is, but just remember, she’s with me my brothers. I saw her first,” said Gypsy.

“It’s not right,” said Louie. Gypsy always gets the cool, good looking women.”

“It’s gotta be my charm,” laughed Gypsy.

Meanwhile Lloyd, Rick and Misty headed out to hear the afternoon’s music.
‘Do you think Misty will be okay with that guy?” asked Rick with a concerned look at Lloyd.
“Well Rick, if there’s one thing I know for sure about Misty is that she can

take care of herself,” Lloyd answered.

“Yeah, she’s a survivor that’s for sure,” added Sasha.

“I don’t know how much Misty has told you about her past but she has been through some turbulent waters,” said Lloyd.

“Yeah, she got so strung out when she was living in California that she had to spend some time in a psychiatric ward at the hospital,” Sasha added.

“What all led up to this?” asked Rick. He had heard the rumors before but now they were being verified.

“I think the fights between my ex and I really started to upset Misty. When her mother, Sheila and I first met we were young and very much in love. We actually had a very good first year of marriage. I think that our mutual passion carried us that year.

After the first year, however, reality began to set in. What attracted us to each other in the beginning now became sources of aggravation,” Lloyd explained.

“ What kind of things?” asked Rick?

“Well, when we first met Sheila thought that I was a lot of fun to be around because I’m a free spirit. After we had Misty, Sheila wanted me to provide a more stable life for the family. I tried Rick, but it’s very hard for me to change my ways. To make a long story short Sheila and I parted ways,” said Lloyd sadly.

“But there had to be more to it than a marital breakup for Misty to end up in a psych ward,” Rick insisted.

“There was. Misty became seriously depressed and started spending longer and longer periods of time isolated in her room,” said Lloyd.

“She just wasn’t herself,” added Sasha. “she used to like going out with her friends and date guys and suddenly that all came to a stop.”

“We gave her some time to get herself back to normal but things only got worse in the coming months. She started to neglect her personal hygiene, slept all day and began to gain a lot of weight. Misty refused to tell either Sasha or myself what was going on with her,” Lloyd explained.

“Then one morning things radically changed with Misty,” said Sasha.

“In what way?” asked Rick.

“Well, one morning Misty got out of bed at a much earlier hour. Previous to this Misty might not wake up until four in the afternoon. She came downstairs for her usual cigarette and coffee but instead of going back to her room for a while, Misty went to the bathroom and had a shower and washed her hair. During the last couple of months Misty might do this only once a week. This was the second time in two days,” said Sasha.

” Then after her shower, she came to the breakfast table to visit with us for awhile. Previously, it appeared that carrying on a simple conversation drained too much of Misty’s energy. She just had just one pancake and two strips of bacon and then lit another cigarette and poured herself another coffee,” Lloyd added.

“Misty started to talk very quickly and would get very annoyed if one of us tried to make a comment or ask her a question. She would get impatient if one of us didn’t pass her the salt or pancake syrup quickly enough,” said Sasha.

“Misty then put her cigarettes in her pocket and told us that she would be back in the evening,” said Lloyd.

“Then when Dad asked her where she was going, Misty told him that it was none of his business and then stormed out of the house,” said Sasha.

“That was the first day that we noticed that Misty had seriously changed, “said Lloyd. At first we thought this change was for the better. After all, Misty wasn’t spending all of her days in bed and she appeared to have got her energy back.”
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