Lake Mariposa Chapters 42 to 44

SOL book cover 1“Too much energy as we quickly found out,” added Sasha. ” Misty would be out all day and all evening and then when it was bedtime she couldn’t sleep.”

“Exactly,” replied Lloyd. “Misty would still be up after midnight playing her stereo very loud. I’d ask her to turn the volume down as the rest of us were trying to sleep.”

“This didn’t go over to well with Misty,” added Sasha. “She would turn her music down for about twenty minutes and then up would go the volume again.”

“This turned out to be the least of our concerns with Misty. I often didn’t know where she was going when she went out or who she was with. It wasn’t with her usual friends as some of them would still phone to ask for her,” said Lloyd.

The next band was ready to perform and the group stopped talking about Misty. They were local favorites, Diane Heatherington and the Merry-Go- Round. As their equipment personnel were setting up their amplifiers, microphones and drums, some ominous black storm clouds were rapidly moving in. Some light drizzle could already be felt when a sudden flash of lightning and a loud boom of thunder was heard. One of the band’s roadies told the group that it might be wise to postpone playing their set until the weather cleared a bit.

One of the rock festivals MCs announced, “ Look, people, it appears we are in for a bit of a storm. Hopefully, it won’t last long. Dianne Heatherington and the Merry-Go-Round have decided to postpone their set until the storm passes. It’s just too dangerous with the lightning and all.”

“Bullshit!” yelled a member of one of the biker clubs near the stage.

“Damn rights,” bellowed another biker from the same club. “ They’re chicken shit. If we can stand a bit of rain so can they. We came here to hear some music.”

“ Ah, cool out man,” yelled a member from a rival motorcycle gang. “Give the band a break. You can drink some beer and smoke some dope until the weather clears.”

After hearing this, the two bikers who had spoken first walked towards the spot where their rivals had set up their bikes. Within a minute some more words were exchanged followed by some pushing and shoving.

The lead guitarist of the band spoke from the stage,” Hey, you guys up front, cool it, or we won’t play at all.”

With this, one of the bikers climbed up onto the stage and stared the musician down and said, “You”ll play if we tell you to.”

One of the band’s big roadies responded by giving the biker on the stage a shove that almost knocked the biker down. Lloyd had been intently following the drama that was unfolding and decided that it was time for him to intervene. Lloyd climbed up onto the stage, grabbed a mike and said, “ Come on people. Let’s all cool out or you’ll ruin the whole festival.”

By this time both Gypsy and Misty had already downed their tabs of acid. They didn’t feel its effects yet but their acid was not of the best quality. Misty and Gypsy also watched the activity unfolding on the stage. By this time all hell had broken loose. One of the bikers had knocked Lloyd out with a roundhouse right. Lloyd fell off the stage and landed back in the crowd in front of the stage.

Meanwhile, a general scuffle broke out in front of the stage. When Lloyd toppled from the stage he ended up at the bottom of a pile and people were

Inadvertently stepping all over him. Rick jumped into the fray to try to rescue Lloyd. As Rick attempted to pull Lloyd out of the pile he got jostled around by other people who were either bystanders or active participants in the fight. At one point Rick took a knee to the groin and doubled over in pain for about a minute.

“We got to help my family and Rick. There all up there by the front of the stage,” said Misty to Gypsy. Gypsy called out to his friends to get ready to do battle. While all this chaos was going on Misty felt like she was frozen in time. This was all too surreal for her. The acid she took was starting to kick in.


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