Chapter 4 of The Pile Driver, A Novel

Mike and Matt finished their workout gym Mike gets a phone call from his girlfriend Courtney. “Mike, don’t forget our date tonight. We got a double date set up Ivor and Jessica at The Spider Club Lounge tonight.”

I forgot all about it. I’m feeling pretty tired today, babe. Is there any chance we could postpone the date for another night?”

“Not a chance! replied Courtney. “Our favorite new girl band Sick of Sarah is playing at The Spider Club tonight. They are only booked for a one night engagement.”

“Sick of Sarah? Have I heard of them?”

“Yes you have. Remember couple of weeks ago we were checking out some new bands on Frost Wire?”

“I think I remember. We downloaded about seven bands’ new songs that night. I’ll need to check them out on Frost Wire again.”

“You won’t need to do that Mike. We’re going to see Sick of Sarah tonight.” said Courtney in a firm tone of voice.

“Well I guess that means there’s no getting out of the date, right?” asked Mike. Mike didn’t need to hear Courtney’s answer.

“What’s making you so tired anyway Mike?” You’re only twenty -two years old.”

“Subbing for one thing. If you were a sub teacher you would know what I’m talking about. All the assignments I’ve gotten for the last two weeks have been in junior high.”

“What’s so hard about junior high? asked Courtney.

“Well just picture this scene, Courtney. You’re alone in a room for five hours with a group of high-energy kids whose hormones are running wild.”

Courtney laughed at Mike’s answer.

“It’s like twenty-eight high power vacuum cleaners pointed right at you sucking out every last ounce of your energy.”

“It’s amazing that you still have the energy to go to the gym after school.”

“Not really. Although you’re exhausted after a day with the kids, it’s also hard to come down. Once the kids’ adrenaline kicks in so does yours. Plus you’re pretty frustrated by trying to maintain control all day.”
“Well Mike, if you still have the energy to work out, you have the energy to go out on a date with me and our friends.”
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