The Cover Up, A Novel Chapter 7

“He started to regress. Prior to the break up Bret was showing signs of what we like to call recovery.

He was relatively upbeat and had developed a much more positive attitude towards his treatment. He started attending his classes regularly and Slash, our teacher/residential care worker, said that Bret was starting to demonstrate the qualities of a leader. Then the break up with his girlfriend happened. Bret stopped attending his life skills and creative expression classes and started spending the majority of his time isolating in his room.”
“ Did he give any indication of being suicidal? queried the detective.
“Brett didn’t give us any definite signs of suicidal ideation, but he had been saying some disturbing things lately.”
“Such as?”
“ He said that he was losing his faith in God and was wondering why God allowed him to be born.”
“Was Bret a Christian?”
“Yes,” answered Rick.
By this time some of the residents were starting to wake up. They sensed that something was not right especially when they saw the detective in Rick’s office. It didn’t take some of them too long to figure out that Detective Barnes was a cop. The trench coat and short cropped hair were a dead give away. Most of the residents did not deal well with change of any kind especially where trauma or crisis was involved.
A few residents were already nervously hovering outside Rick’s office waiting to talk to him.
‘Rick, I know you’re tired right now. Can I ask you to stay in the building until at least 10:00 AM? I have many more questions I need to ask you, but I can see that you have your clients to attend to. Can I come back to your office in about an hour’s time? There are some other staff that I need to talk to right now.”
“No problem,” said Rick wearily.
Picture 36


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