Chapter 18 of Roswell Revisited 2014

Rick: Have you ever heard about Hiroshima, Dwight?

Dwight: Oh, yeah. I see what you’re saying now.

Rick: That’s the reason that I’m the lead broadcaster and you’re my assistant.

Dwight: I didn’t know that. I always thought it was because you married the owner’s daughter.

Harvey: Come on, Hoss. We’ve got to get the keys to the truck back.
We’ll go to the Air Force Base first. If Mick’s not there then we’ll search the desert for him.

Hoss: One problem, Harv. How do we get out to the desert?

Harvey: We”ll go to the compound and get your car.

Hoss: But what if our supervisor recognizes us?

Dwight: Look you guys, there’s some cartoon character costumes in our storage room. Feel free to use them as disguises.

Narrator: Hoss dresses up as Elmer Fudd and Harvey dons the Yosemite Sam costume. As Harvey and Hoss leave the radio station Rick and Dwight are laughing so hard that tears are running down their cheeks.

Rick: Dwight, whose keys are those hanging on the hook in the office?

Dwight: I don’t know. I found them on the floor after the Air Force
guys took Mick away.

Harvey: Our best bet is to head towards Corona. They have lots of huge sand dunes out there.

Hoss: Good thinking Harv. Corona is far enough away that no one would think of looking for his body out there.

Harvey: Nobody but us, you mean. We can stop in Corona and pick
up a couple of burgers at Burger King.

Hoss: We better stop at Moe’s Garage before we leave town. We’ll have to fill up with gas if we’re driving all the way to Corona.

Harvey: Good idea. I gotta use the washroom real bad.

Narrator: Harvey and Hoss pull up to the gas pumps at Moe’s Garage. While Moe is busy with a customer, two of his mechanics.

Homer: Hey, Les. Get a load of this. One of those guys in the the car looks just like Elmer Fudd and his friend looks like Yosemite Sam.
Roswell Book Cover 7

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