Chapter 6 of The Pile Driver 2014, A Novel

When Mike’s substitute teaching assignment was over, Mike went to the wrestling school with Matt.
Al Sharp’s wrestling school was located in a former warehouse in the industrial area of the city.

Al made some extra money by renting out the facility to the managers of the boxing and martial arts schools.

Al has been the wrestling business since he was in his a teenager. His father was a professional wrestler and Al was always fascinated by his dad’s line of work. Al’s father would usually take Al to his local wrestling matches and would take backstage to meet the other wrestlers. Al was surprised that even the bad guys were nice to him in the dressing room Al was very impressed by the size of these men. They looked like dinosaurs to a young boy. He would watch his dad and the other wrestlers work out with weights backstage. When he turned thirteen Al asked his dad if he would buy him a set of weights so that he could train at home. His dad agreed and from the minute he got his weight training set Al asked his father to show him basic resistance training exercises and routines. For the next year Al trained diligently every day until he had put on a significant amount of size and muscle. When he turned fourteen, Al asked his father if he would train him for the wrestling business.
Al’s father and a few of his wrestler friends built a make-shift ring in his basement. He and his buddies started showing Al the basic maneuvers and techniques used by professional wrestlers. The wrestlers took no pity on Al as they wanted to see if he was really serious about becoming a professional wrestler. They would punch him hard and slam him hard on to the mat. At times Al would start to get tears in his eyes but he would quickly turn his head as he didn’t want his father or the other wrestlers to think that he wasn’t strong enough to endure the punishment.
wrestling cover 1


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