Chapter Eight of The Pile Driver, A Novel

Steroids entered the picture in Al’s fifth year as a pro wrestler.

In his early career, appearing to be out of shape and overweight was common for wrestlers. There were one or two bodybuilders in the business, but they were somewhat of a novelty. Al felt intense pressure to start pumping iron and take steroids in order to prolong his career.
Al finally made the decision to start taking steroids. He also developed a punishing weight training routine. Within the first month Al could already see results. He was definitely gaining lean muscle mass and his muscles were starting to show definition.
After a couple more months of taking steroids and training extremely hard, Al’s booker started to take notice. The promoter had been primarily using Al as a jobber. A jobber is a term used in wrestling to describe a wrestlers whose main function is to be the opponent for wrestlers that are considered headliners. The booker wantswrestling cover 1 to give the star wrestlers an opportunity to show off their skills. In order to accomplish this goal jobbers must be employed to lose matches to the headliners and make them look good in the eyes of the audience.
The promoter started to try taking Al out of his jobber role and make him into a potential mid-card attraction. The problem was that the personas and storylines that were created for Al never really ‘got over’ with the wrestling audience. During this time Al’s marriage was in serious trouble. Al’s wife had had enough of Al being on the road so much, neglecting his family and the recurrent mood swings caused by the steroids and the rigors of the wrestling lifestyle. Al’s wife also told him that his kids were growing up without a father.
Al loved his family very much but he also loved wrestling and couldn’t see himself leaving the business completely. One night as Al was lying in bed, the answer came to him. He would start up his own independent wrestling school and indie promotion. He would hire some good staff to help him out and this would give him more time for his family. As he would only be running a locally based wrestling promotion he would not need to spend as much time on the road away from his family. He ran his idea by his wife and she agreed to let her husband give it a try.


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