A Message To My Friends and Followers From Ken David Stewart

A Message to My Followers and Fans From Ken David Stewart
I was very pleased to see that my fan and follower base has more than doubled during the last couple of months. To you, followers and fans alike, I wish to extend my deepest appreciation. I really appreciate it when one of you clicks on the like button, or even better the follow button on WordPress, facebook and kendavidstewart.com. For any of you who care to check it out, I recently opened up a new website called kendavidstewart.net sponsored by ipage.com. I would also like to thank all my followers on Twitter.
I’ll be turning sixty-two shortly and am blown away by the massive platform that the internet has opened up for writers and artists in the various other modes of creative expression. I believe that everyone has an artistic gene hidden away somewhere.
I have not been feeling that well this winter and have had to take some time off my day job. I have had a couple of medical procedures recently, but I am determined to regain my physical health.

The one positive thing that has come out of all this is that I have had more time to work on my writing. If I had more energy I’d also like doing a podcast, some new videos and release some of my drawings to the public.
God bless and keep on rocking,
Ken David Stewart


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