Chapter 12 of The Cover Up, A Novel

Rick met with Holly while she was still in the RCW office. He told Holly to let the men know that there would be a mandatory group meeting at 11:00AM this morning. He asked her to emphasize that all residents must attend and that those that were still in bed would need to be woken up at 10:30 AM to get ready for group. Rick then went back to the supervisor’s office to make some phone calls. He was able to get a hold of his two week day residential treatment counselors.
After he finished his call to one of his counselors Rick heard a knock on his door. It was Detective Barnes.
Rick let the detective in and prepared for an update and another round of questions. “Were you able to find anything out detective?”
“No, nothing really helpful. Some of the staff on the other floors of the building knew Bret but others did not. The ones that did know him all thought that he was a nice kid. How did Bret get along with the other residents?
“Bret was well liked by the majority of our residents. Many of them respected Bret and looked up to him,” Rick answered.
“Why was Brett so well thought of?”asked Detective Barnes.
“ Mostly because he was what is known in residential care as a high functioning client. He was one of our clients that I had predicted would probably have a good chance of living on his own in six months to a year,” said Rick.
“What was preventing Brett from living on his own?”
“Brett needed to reassess who he chooses as friends. While he was in high school he got in with the wrong crowd. In grade eleven he took an auto technology course and ended up befriending some guys who were into dealing drugs and stealing cars. As Bret got more involved with these guys he managed to get himself a criminal record. At his hearing the judge declared Bret to be NCR.”
“NCR? Not criminally responsible?”
“Yes,” answered Rick.
“Why do you think his peers at the center liked him so much?” inquired the detective.
“Bret had excellent people skills. His two parents are very educated people. They are both university professors in the United States. Bret was also a leader and was level headed. He’s very patient with the other guys. He’s not a push over, but he’s usually willing to help the other guys out. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s physically fit and has a strong build as well.”
“He sounds more functional than a lot of people walking the streets right now,” concluded the detective. “ So if he could learn to stay away from his sleazy friends on the outside, he would probably be good to go.”
“We would have to be reasonably sure that he would take his meds too when he was released from our program. From what I’ve read in his files, Brett is a much different guy when he’s off his meds.”
“In other words he could be a danger to himself or others.”
“Rick, you said that the majority of the residents liked Bret. Which ones didn’t?” asked Detective Barnes.
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