Chapter Ten of The Pile Driver, A Novel

“Good afternoon Al,” said Blaine. Hey, look who he’s got with him. It’s those two dudes we met at the gym yesterday.”

“So you guys decided you’d check out Al’s Wrestling School. That shows a lot of guts. Al’s the best wrestling coach in the world but he’s awfully tough on newbies,” said Blair.

“Thanks for the warning,” said Mike.

“The best wrestling coach in the world, eh?” said Al.

“That might work with some wrestling club owners, but not with me. I’m not going to give Blaine or Blair any discounts on their membership fees for saying that. But I will do this. If these two new guys decide to sign up with the wrestling school, I will give you guys a break on your fees for recruiting them.”

It was just after five 0’clock and the wrestling club was starting to fill up. Many aspiring, independent wrestlers were just off their day jobs and were getting ready for some physical and mental punishment.
Al’s wrestling school was well decorated with enlarged pictures of many famous WWE and TNA wrestling stars, both past and present. Al had also set up a large bulletin board on the wooden walls where wrestling students could leave their business cards and could read the latest announcements from Al Sharp. The wrestling candidates were grateful to Al for letting them pin up their business cards as they often got some business from their fellow wrestling students.
Al’s Wrestling School attracted people, both male and female, from a wide variety of occupations.

mickey rourke


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