Chapter Twelve of The Pile Driver, A Novel

Chapter Twelve:

As the five o’clock rush was coming in Al Sharp knew he would be very busy for the next couple of hours. Al was a very hands-on owner. He liked to keep his overhead down and hired only a few very competent staff. Al made a point of talking to and getting to know every aspiring wrestling that walked through the doors of his training school. Al wisely decided to delegate the job of giving Mike and Matt the grand tour to Blair and Blaine.

“In time you guys are going to love it here,” said Blaine addressing Mike and Matt.

“In time?” asked Matt.

“We’re not going to kid you guys. The first month here is pretty punishing. After that, your body gets used to the pain and Al and the other trainers will start to ease up a bit on you,” said Blair.

“First thing we’re going to do is take you guys on a tour of the facility. Within a few days you’ll easily know your way around this place and will know all the club rules and regulations,” said Blaine.

“What are the rules and relations?” asked Mike.
“As soon as our tour is finished the coffee should be ready for us. That’s when we all meet with Al in his office. He’ll give you the full lowdown on what you can and can’t do,” answered Blaine.
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