Chapter 13 of The Pile Driver, A Novel

Chapter Thirteen:

It only took Blair and Blaine about ten minutes to give Matt and Mike the grand tour of Al Sharp’s Wrestling School. They showed the new recruits the lockers, dressing areas, the washrooms, showers, the training areas and The Pro Shop.
Al used the Pro Shop to generate extra revenue for his business. He kept it well stocked with the latest nutritional supplements, training gear and body building and wrestling magazines. His store also held on extensive collection of professional wrestling videos that the students could watch. After about three months Al expected that all of his serious candidates would have studied and learned from every video in the library. His students’ knowledge would often be tested by an off the cuff question that Al would throw at them during training sessions.
After the tour the four young men met in Al Sharp’s office. They all took a seat on a well- worn black leather couch in Al’s office. The walls in Al’s office were well covered by old wrestling posters, autographed pictures of pro wrestlers that had paid a visit to his training school. One whole wall was reserved for memorabilia from Al’s personal wrestling career.

Al’s desk was cluttered with his paper work. To the right of his main desk he had a spot for his computer. Al’s PC was displaying a Gorgeous George screen saver.

The front of Al’s desk was reserved for pictures of his family. He had a picture of his wife, his dogs, his adult children and his grandchildren. He kept a special place for pictures of his pet turtle and parrot.

Upon first entering Al Sharp’s office a first time visitor might conclude that it belonged to a very eccentric man or perhaps even a raving lunatic.
generic wrestler


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