On Reading (Part Three) by Ken David Stewart

On Reading (Part Three)
Over the last few weeks I have noticed that several people on WordPress.com have posted comments on one of my blog posts from two years ago. The title of this post is On Reading (Part Two). This afternoon I decided to re-read it as I had no idea what I had written and why this post drew some reader attention. Well, as all the comments were very positive, I wondered what was so great about what I had written on this blog post. As it turned out I couldn’t figure out what was so enticing about it. I knew that I have posted many more interesting blogs than this one. This is only my opinion, of course. You readers have your own take on what I write.
What also surprised me is that I don’t write that many non-fiction blogs. I’m beginning to think that I should write more. I really appreciate your comments as my hope is that somebody out in cyberspace is getting some benefit out of my posts. My only objective in writing my blogs is to entertain readers. If they sometimes learn something educational along the way that’s a bonus.
A question that I have been asked is how my blog made it to Yahoo News. My honest answer is that I really don’t know.
I have also been asked where readers can find blogs in the same vein as mine. Once again, I don’t know. I have been told that the way I write and the things I write about are different from a lot of other bloggers. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I do not know.
Have a great day,
Ken David Stewart


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