Episode 144 of The Lake Demon, A Novel

Episode 144:
John Richards was just getting up from an afternoon nap when Aunt Meg’s telephone rang. As he was the closest person to the phone he picked up the receiver.
“Hi, John. It’s Sue.”
“Oh, hi, Sue. How are you?”
“I’m a little worried about you guys.”
“What are you worried about?” asked John.
“Well, I’ve been reading the papers and watching the news on t.v. Apparently there’s all this excitement about Ogopogo and I know that you’ve always been interested in this type of thing,” said Susan.
“Yes, you’re right about that. It is very exciting isn’t it,” said John with a nervous sound in his voice. Since they had been separated he had not enjoyed his telephone conversations with Susan. It seemed that she always put him on the defensive and they would end up arguing. He had long felt that his wife did not have a lot of respect or confidence in him.
“ I’ll get right to the point John. I’ve been reading about two separate expeditions that are going to search for Ogopogo. Are you and the kids involved in these in any way?”
“Yes, we are. Ryan and his girlfriend have joined the university’s research team,” answered John getting up to make himself a pot of coffee.
“Girlfriend? Did Ryan meet somebody out there?”
“Yes, He met a very nice girl named Monique. She’s from Montreal and is staying with her mother for the summer.”
“Does it look as if it’s going to be a serious relationship?” asked Susan.
“Very much so. Meg and I were talking about this yesterday. It looks like Ryan and his girlfriend are in love,” answered John.
“Oh great,” said Susan. “Now I’ve got two problems to worry about. Ryan’s new love interest and the two of them going on that expedition.”
“There’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure that it will be a short expedition and I’’ll be right with them on the boat anyway,” said John.
“Now that really puts my mind at ease,” said Susan sarcastically.
John sighed and was hoping this conversation would soon end. He noticed that he was starting to perspire. John was also getting angry.
“Look Sue. I know you don’t have a very high opinion of me but I love my kids and would never do anything to hurt them.”
“But you don’t have any problem putting their lives in danger,” snapped Susan.

Ogopogo Cover Picture.jpg 9


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