Episode 149 of The Lake Demon, A Novel

Episode 149:

“Life is full of surprises. I met up again with Blake Riley when I attended Business College. I couldn’t believe how different he looked. Blake now looked clean and was wearing a new sweater and a nice pair of dress pants. I asked him about his life after he left our grade six class,” said Jack.
“So, how did Blake explain his extreme makeover?” asked Bobby.
“I can’t recall everything he said, but he did tell me that when his mother passed away, his Uncle Jordan took him in. Blake said that his uncle was a top notch salesman and was also a motivational speaker. Uncle Jordan both quoted from and read all of Napoleon Hill’s books. He insisted that Blake read them too. To make a long story short, I gather that Blake’s uncle made a very positive impression upon him and helped his nephew turn his life around.”
“Okay. What’s the connection between Blake O’Riley and Mike O’Grady and why do you want to get in contact with Mike, anyway?” asked Bobby.

“The answer to your first question is that there isn’t any connection between Mike and Blake at least, in the present time.

I’ll have to make another long story as brief as I can. After Blake finished Business College his uncle passed away. It was cancer if I remember correctly.
Blake did not taking his uncle’s death well. Although Uncle Jordan made a ton of money in business he always had a good set of ethics and a strong sense of morality. Jordan attended his local Baptist church regularly and was very devout about his values and beliefs. He would never knowingly rip anybody off and he was very loyal to his business associates and his investor friends.
While living with his uncle, Blake received a solid grounding in Jordan’s belief and values. He even became a Christian while his uncle was alive. Unfortunately, Blake’s world came tumbling down after Jordan’s death and Blake’s beliefs and behaviour took a turn for the worse.”

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