Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Three

Chapter Three:
John was not looking forward to having to say goodbye to his father. Although John was certain of his father’s love for him he couldn’t remember ever hearing his father tell him that he loved him. On the other hand, it probably wasn’t very often that John had told his father that he loved him even though he truly did.
Robert Richards did not believe in wearing his heart on his sleeve and this was something that he had passed on to his son.
John realized that both Ryan and Stephanie would arrive home in a couple of hours and that he would have to break the bad news about their grandfather to them.

Part of John Richard was looking forward to the trip to British Columbia to keep his sister company. He had always gotten along well with Meg.
The other reason was that he needed to break out of a writing slump. He had a hard time finishing up his last short story. He was suffering from what is known as writer’s block. His creativity seemed to be drying up. Ideas for his stories weren’t coming to him as quickly or as easily. John was finding that he was no longer looking forward to his usual early morning writing sessions. John’s usual routine was to start writing at about 6:00 AM. He would listen to an audio book and drink his coffee at around 5:30 AM. John usually found it easy to write in the mornings but not during the last few weeks.
John would wake up feeling like he hadn’t slept at all. The truth was that he normally slept for nine or ten hours each night but it sure didn’t feel like it. John recognized what was happening to him.
He had suffered from episodic bouts of depression since he was a teenager. His episodes followed a very familiar pattern. John would feel extremely tired and would be completely exhausted by a half hour’s walk with his dogs. Then other symptoms of depression would kick in such as lethargy and an inability to get any pleasure from his normal activities. It wasn’t long into his depressive episode before he started to lose confidence in himself as a writer.
Sometimes a change of scenery or even in a situation requiring immediate action such as a crisis situation would break John out of a severe depressive episode. He was hoping that the phone call that he had with his sister would be his catalyst for change. John could already feel some of his energy returning.
Although his father’s illness saddened him he knew he had to be the strong one for his sister and his kids. John now had a strong motivation to make changes in his life. He was hoping that he would have both the physical and mental health to give Stephanie and Ryan a fun and exciting summer vacation.


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