Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen:

After he left the dean’s office Lionel said good bye to the dean’s secretary, Marjorie. He decided that he would head over to the university’s pub to think about a research project.

Kyle, Brendon, Jasmine, Ian and Keesha were sitting at their usual table at the University of British Columbia’s pub. They are all university students taking a break from their classes. They were all good friends and had established a routine of meeting in the afternoon when everyone’s last class of the day was finished. Jasmine and Ian both had an evening class that started at seven PM but they had decided that a couple of drinks wouldn’t interfere with their learning.
Brendon was reading a copy of the university’s paper. The university’s pub was painted a light blue color and along with the dark lighting added to the ambience of the students’ favorite watering hole.
“Man, these stories are lame. I’m bored out of my mind reading this rag,” said Brendon reaching for his glass of Bud Light. With his other hand he tossed the latest edition of the university’s paper across the large round table.
“Yeah, it’s a waste of paper and a waste of our student union fees,” said Jasmine.
The problem is their reporters. They can’t seem to come up with any interesting articles for the paper,” added Keesha.
“Yeah, they could really use a really sizzling story for their next issue,” said Ian.
“They allow students to submit stories to the paper, don’t they?” asked Jasmine moving her chair closer to the table.
“Why don’t we submit a story?” asked Kyle leaning back on his chair.
“On what topic?” asked Brendon.
“It would have to be a high interest story,” said Keesha brushing a strand of her auburn hair out of her eyes.
“Well, what is British Columbia the most famous for? “asked Kyle.
“Probably the Vancouver Canucks,” said Ian.
“No, probably the Rockies,” said Jasmine.
“You’re both wrong,” said Kyle. “It’s the lake monster in Lake Okanagan.”
“You mean Ogopogo?” asked Brendon.
“What else?” Kyle answered.
“You guys don’t really believe Ogopogo exists, do you?” asked Keesha taking a sip from her grasshopper cocktail.
“Well, lots of people claim to have seen it,” said Ian.
“Kyle’s got a great idea,” said Brendon. “All we’d need to do is go on the internet and do some research. There’s got to be plenty written about Ogopogo and maybe some photos and videos.”
“I believe there’s at least two documentaries on the lake monster of Lake Okanagan,” said Keesha.
“If I remember correctly I think that Arlene Gaal has written a few books on Ogopogo,” offered Ian.
“Yeah, we could go to the library and look up sites like Wikipedia, Discovery Channel, the History Channel and maybe Animal Planet,” said Ian.

“That’s not totally what I have in mind,” said Kyle. My idea is for an actual monster hunt, a real expedition. Then we do our own documentary about our hunt for Ogopogo. That way we’ll not only get a fantastic article for the university paper, we’ll also make a documentary video that just might help pay down our student loans. Anyone interested?”
“We would also have gathered the material for a book or two on our expedition,” added Jasmine.
“Where would we get the money for an expedition? The equipment alone would probably cost thousands of dollars,” asked Brendon.
“We have plenty of options. For example, the university itself could help fund the project. And we could always look for money from private benefactors,” answered Kyle.
“Man, we will need a lot of funding,” said Ian. We’ll want professional divers, photographers, boats. We’d need to make a list of all the equipment and the specialized personnel we’d need to pull this off,” said Ian excitedly.
“I think I’m hearing some interest here, guys,” said Kyle as a smile crossed his face.
“Let’s think about the university first,” said Keesha. Which department and what faculty would most likely be interested in a project like this?”
“That’s a no brainer. Professor Phelge from the Biology Department,” answered Jasmine. He’s the faculty member the media contact every time there’s a reported sighting of Sasquatch or Ogopogo.”
“That’s right,” Ian said, nodding his head in agreement. “Dr. Phelge is always telling his students about how the subject of cryptozoology interests him.”
“Yeah, but have you seen Professor Phelge lately? He’s in pretty rough shape, “said Brendon.
“It’s rumoured that he’s still pretty messed up about his wife’s death,” added Jasmine.
“A project like this might be just the thing to get the professor’s mind off his personal troubles,” said Kyle feeling the call of nature and getting up to head for the men’s washroom.

Ogopogo Cover Picture.jpg 1


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