Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter 21:

When Kyle returned to his table at the university’s pub, he saw that another table had been pushed right up to his table. Two new people were carrying on a lively discussion with his friends. One of the visitors was a young guy with jet black hair and a stocky build. He was wearing a red and white striped muscle shirt. Sitting right beside him was a young woman with light brown shoulder length hair. Kyle sat down in his empty chair to hear the conversation.
Jasmine introduced the two guests to Kyle, “Hey, Kyle I’d like you to meet two very interesting people with quite a story to tell. The guy is Roland and the chick is Natasha. Could one of you tell Kyle the story you just told us?”
“Yes, of course,” said Roland reaching out to shake Kyle’s hand.
“Well, like I was telling your friends, Natasha and I were sitting at the round table next to you and we couldn’t help but overhear your conversation about Ogopogo.”
“Yeah, that really caught our interest. We had a close encounter with The Lake Demon about a month ago,” added Natasha.
“You’re kidding!” said Ian.
“It’s true,” replied Roland. Last month I took Natasha out in my speed boat. She’s an accomplished water skier. So we headed out to Lake Okanagan to have some fun.”
“It was only fun for the first ten minutes,” said Natasha. “Then it turned into a horror movie. “
“All was going well and Natasha was doing her regular thing until I heard her scream,” said Roland.
“Yeah, I was like, totally freaked out by what I saw in the water. First I saw a whole bunch of birds on the water. Then I saw them all fly away as if something scared them. I took a quick look to my left and saw a large black, shiny hump rise out of the water. It started moving closer and closer to me. I wasn’t about to wait around to find out what it was,” said Natasha.
“How do you guys know it was Ogopogo?” asked Kyle.
“While I was turning the boat around I looked over my shoulder and just for a second or two, I saw the creatures head and eyes just break the surface. If it wasn’t Ogopogo I don’t know what the hell it was. It was plenty big and it didn’t look like any fish I’d ever seen,” said Roland.
Ogopogo Cover Picture.jpg 8


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