Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty:

The more that John Richards wrote fiction the more he found that he enjoyed it. It was also an escape for him. As the years went on he found that he and his wife Susan were losing more and more of their connection. The couple were doing fewer and fewer things together and their only conversations now seemed to end up as fights.
The truth was that Richard and Sue lived on different planets. They now had few if any interests to share except for the kids. Even in that capacity they had serious issues. When it came to disciplining the children Susan took the initiative. John played more of a comforter and counselor role. Susan could not understand John’s deep interest in books and writing. On her job Susan was an accounts executive. She enjoyed the business world and loved working with numbers and statistics. Susan liked tangible things, things that she could touch. John, on the other hand, enjoyed the world of ideas and the imagination. The tension between the couple led to an almost inevitable break up.
When Susan told John that she wanted a divorce, he really wasn’t that surprised. He suspected that this had been coming for a long time. John understood why Susan had so many issues with him and really didn’t blame her for wanting out of their marriage. Now that they were living apart the couple appeared to have a better relationship. This was why Susan told John that she would be happy to spend the Christmas holidays with John and the kids.

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