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About Me Part Four

About the Author (Part Four)
One of the greatest joys in my life is my desktop PC. It’s a complete home entertainment center. By turning on my computer I can listen to music, watch movies, listen to audiobooks, write both my fiction and my blogs, watch tv and read other people’s blogs and stories just to name a few of the computers uses. I spend many hours per day on my PC.
I also enjoy my tablets. I have a Kindle Fire and a Polaroid Tablet. I often take these tools upstairs with me at bedtime. I listen to an audiobook or do some reading on my tablets before I fall asleep. I take my smaller ipod with me to Shapes when I go for a work out. Unfortunately, I presently don’t work out as often as I used to. I think my age has caught up with me and there’s very little gas in the tank after work. All the same, I press on and try to do the best that I can.
My philosophy of life is basically to have as much fun as possible trying not to infringe upon the rights of others.
I have always loved animals. I have owned pets for most of my life. Presently my family owns two dogs, a Belgian Shepherd and a Blue Merle Border Collie and a small black cat. My wife absolutely adores the cat.
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Forty-Two

Chapter Forty-Two:
Dean Sanderson turned his chair and moved closer to Dr. Lionel Phelge.
“Lionel, I may be crazy but I actually like your idea. Your timing is right. There have been a record number of reported Ogopogo sightings this summer. People are curious to know what others are seeing in Lake Okanagan. A well planned and executed research investigation conducted by The University of British Columbia would carry a lot of weight. How soon can you get your students together for the first planning meeting?”
“Probably in a matter of a few days. I know that Kyle Winter is chomping at the bit. He’s a real go getter, “answered Lionel.
“That’s great. Give me a call as soon as you have a verified meeting time set up. I hate to have to ask you this, Lionel, but are you up to a project like this? This project will require a lot of time and energy. It could also be physically demanding.”
“Yes, I’m ready for this,” Lionel replied. “I needed something to break me out of the funk I have been in over the last year and I believe this expedition is just what the doctor ordered.”
“You’re starting to sound like the Lionel Phelge I used to know before Edith’s passing. I’m both relieved and happy for you. We’ve been close friends and colleagues for many years now,” said Dean Sanderson.
“I’ll call you with the meeting info in a day or two. Where should we hold the first planning meeting?”
“Right here in my office. Bring along all the students that want to be involved with the project,” said Dean Sanderson.
Just as Lionel got up from his chair he noticed something on the dean’s bookshelf directly behind his large oak desk. Lionel stood up and pointed to it.
“What’s that thing on your book shelf ?” asked Lionel.
Dean Sanderson turned around in his swivel chair to see what his friend was referring to.
“This object you mean?”
Dean Sanderson started to laugh. It’s a clay model I made of Ogopogo when I was in grade five.”
“I didn’t know that you also had an interest in Ogopogo?”
“Since I was a little boy,” replied the dean.
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Forty-One

Chapter Forty-One:
Ryan’s dad was just coming down the stairs after taking a short nap. During his nap he dreamed that he saw Ogopogo. John Richards could see that his son had brought home a guest and he was eager to meet her. Ryan’s father was immediately struck by how attractive Monique looked. This shouldn’t have surprised him as Ryan had brought home many beautiful girls. Still, there was something different about Monique. She was so full of joy that she almost seemed to glow.
As soon as John got to the bottom of the stairs he extended his hand to Monique. “Hi, Monique. I’m Ryan’s father. I’m surprised that my son made a new friend so quickly. This is our first day here.”
“I’m very pleased to meet you, sir,” said Monique.
“You’re very polite but you don’t need to call me, sir. John, will do just fine.”
“Okay, I’m very pleased to meet you, John.”
This made John laugh. “Why don’t you and Ryan have a seat on the sofa?”
Aunt Meg had just come in through the back door. She had been in the backyard picking vegetables. Ryan introduced her to Monique.
“Can I get you guys something to drink?” asked Meg.
“I put a twelve pack of Cokes in the fridge before I went for my nap. Maybe our guest would like a Coke,” said John.
“That would be awesome,” answered Monique. “Ryan and I just came back from a jog.”
“You found another jock for a friend, Ryan and a very good looking one at that,” said Stephanie getting up to get herself a Coke from the fridge.
“Actually, Monique’s studying to be a teacher like me.” Ryan replied.
“Your first day together and you already found two things in common,” said John.
“Three, actually,” said Meg. The two of them are also very good looking.”
“Did you have a good nap, Dad?” asked Ryan.
“Well, it wasn’t very restful. I had a terrifying dream about Ogopogo turning my boat over,” answered John.
“What a strange coincidence,” noted Ryan. “You guys aren’t going to believe what happened when we went for a jog by the lake.”
“Let me guess. You two fell madly in love and now you’re engaged,” said Stephanie.
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Forty

Chapter Forty:

“The pictures were taken from too far away,” said Henry studying Monique’s pictures.
Although Henry was still sceptical, the two men agreed to exchange phone numbers with Ryan and Monique before leaving the restaurant.
“Where do you want to go now?” asked Monique reaching behind her head to tighten her ponytail.
“Let’s go to my Aunt Meg’s. I can’t wait to tell her and my dad and my sister about what we saw today. And I can’t wait to introduce you to my family,” said Ryan.
“That’s very sweet,” said Monique. “I’d love to meet your family.”
Ryan and Monique jogged all the way back to Aunt Meg’s log cabin. As Ryan pointed out his aunt’s residence Monique said, ”It’s beautiful Ryan. Are you going to stay here all summer?”
“That’s the plan. Our grandfather is very ill with cancer and is staying at a hospital in Kelowna,” answered Ryan.
“I’m very sorry to hear that your grandpa is ill, but I’m glad that you’ll be staying for the summer,” said Monique.
“It looks like this is going to be our grandfather’s last summer and my family wanted to be here to say goodbye to him.”
“That’s really sad, Ryan. Have you visited your grandpa in the hospital yet?”
“Not yet. My dad and my sister and I just arrived today. We’ll be seeing Grandpa tomorrow morning,” answered Ryan.
“And you met me your first day of vacation. How cool is that?” said Monique.
“I think it’s very cool. Even though this is going to be a sad time because of my grandpa, our family still plans to have some fun this summer.”
“And will I be part of your fun, Ryan?” asked Monique.
“You already are,” replied Ryan.
Ryan opened the front door and invited Monique into his aunt’s log cabin. “I brought along a friend. Her name is Monique.”
Stephanie was the first to greet Monique. “Are you from Kelowna, Monique?”
“No, I’m from Montreal. I’m going to be saying with my mom for the summer
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Thirty-Nine

Chapter Thirty-Nine:

Within minutes the police and the paramedics arrived on the scene. An RCMP officer got on the Greyhound bus and first looked around to assess the situation. The first thing he saw was Garry lying unconscious on the floor of the bus. Blood was dripping from Garry’s nose, mouth and ears. Blue and yellow bruises were already starting to be visible on his face.
The RCMP officer quickly took charge. “I need all of you people except the bus driver to get off the bus now. I need a few minutes to talk to the driver and the paramedic team is going to need room to assist the man who is down.”
The officer gave the signal for the paramedics to climb aboard the bus as soon as all the passengers had exited.
A male paramedic was the first to examine Garry. He put his ear close to Garry’s nose and mouth to make sure that his patient was still breathing. A female paramedic put a finger on Garry’s carotid artery in order to ascertain that Garry had a pulse. The lead paramedic then announced to the rest of the team, “The patient is breathing and has a pulse,”
He asked Garry how he was doing to find out if his patient was conscious.
Garry responded by saying, “A big man beat me up and I hurt like hell.”
A female paramedic said, “ Don’t worry sir. We’re paramedics and we will take you to the hospital. Two paramedics slowly and carefully put Garry on a stretcher. Garry howled in pain.
“The patient likely has some broken ribs,” said one of the paramedics. In about two minutes Garry was in the ambulance and was taken to the nearest hospital.
The RCMP officer now had an opportunity to talk to the bus driver privately.
“What happened, sir?” asked the officer.
“Well, the young man that they took to the hospital came to the front of the bus to tell me that the bus was full of reptilian creatures who were trying to prevent him from visiting his relatives. I tried to assure the man that I would keep him safe and would let him off the bus early. Some passengers sitting close to the front heard us talking and started freaking out when the young man said he had a knife. A big overweight guy jumped on the man and started to punch him in the face. He then began to kick the victim in the ribs with his steel toe work boots.”

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About The Author Part Three

About The Author (Part Three):
Fortunately, I have other interests besides reading and writing fiction and blogs. I have greatly enjoyed listening to rock and roll music since I was five years old. The first recording artist that I listened to was Elvis Presley. My worse memory of that time period was falling down the basement stairs and breaking one of my Elvis Presley LPs. Needless to say this incident brought tears to a young lad’s eyes. Several years passed before I started taking a serious interest in listening to music again. By this time I was twelve years old and watched the first appearance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I think that the very next week I asked my mother for money to buy the first two Beatles singles that were released in Canada. These two 45s were She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand.
The Beatles were my favourite band up until the time I first saw The Rolling Stones for the first time on The Dean Martin Show.
Since that time I have become fans of more bands than I can remember. The two most recent bands that I have liked have been Nirvana and Motorhead.
Although I have little musical ability I enjoy practising both regular guitar and bass guitar. With the bass guitar I mostly practise scales and play some songs from my bass tab books. I have bass tab song books by The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. I also have a ton of regular guitar tab songbooks by a variety of musical artists.
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Thirty-Eight

Chapter Thirty-Eight:

Blake Riley got out of his chair to get himself another Heineken. He turned towards Daniel, his personal bodyguard and said. “Do you think any of the crew from the Champ project might be interested in another exploration?”
“For Champ?” asked Daniel looking at his boss quizzically.
“No this time it will be an expedition in search of Ogopogo,” replied Blake.
“If the money was right they probably would. National Geographic paid them very generously for their time and efforts.”
“That wouldn’t be an issue. I can pay them much better than National Geographic did. Where can I get hold of the crew?”
“I still keep in touch with the owner of the boat we used. The other crew come from all over the world but he may know how to get in contact with them.”
“Starting tomorrow Daniel that’s your first duty. I want you to phone your friend and get some leads on how to contact the rest of the crew. I’ll be working in my office all day tomorrow so you’ll have plenty of time to make phone calls. If I need any additional security for tomorrow I’ll hire some extra staff.”
“Are you serious boss? Do you really want me to make those phone calls tomorrow?”
“I’ve never been more serious,” replied Blake Riley.

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