Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three:
From his place sitting in the patio and his backyard Blake could see his personal bodyguard Daniel Mason doing his security rounds. Blake picked up his cell phone and called Daniel. Daniel was a well- built, strapping young man with long blonde hair tied in a pony- tail. He has aspirations of becoming a professional wrestler, but right now he is being paid a generous salary to be Blake Riley’s head of security.
After the the first ring Daniel answered his cell phone. “What’s up, boss?”
“Have you got a minute Daniel? I want to run some ideas by you, “answered Blake.
“Sure, no problem, boss. I’ll meet you at the patio in a couple of minutes.”
Blake picked up his cell phone again and called the kitchen. Mike Dawson, the chief chef, answered Blake’s call.
“Hey, Mike can you make a plate of sandwiches for Daniel and myself? We’re about to have a meeting in the patio.”
“Coming right up, boss.”
“Oh, and can you send along a bottle of Jack Daniels and a two litre of Coke. And maybe a few Heinekens as well Mike?” added Blake.
“Will do, chief,” answered Mike.
When Daniel arrived Blake asked him to take a chair right across the round patio table from him.
“Are you hungry, Dan? It’s getting close to lunch time,” asked Blake.
“Yeah, I am a bit hungry, sir, but I can eat my lunch after our meeting,” said Daniel.
‘Oh, I’ve already made arrangements for lunch. You and I are going to eat our lunch right here. The kitchen staff will bring it down in a few minutes. I want to have a couple of drinks with you too. We haven’t had a talk for awhile.”
“Thank you, sir. But are there any issues with my job performance?” asked Daniel.
This made Blake laugh out loud. “You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve never felt more protected in my life since you’ve been working here. No, I just want to get your opinions on a few things.”
“Sure, what would you like to know, boss?”
“Danny, when I interviewed you for this job, you told me that scuba diving was one of your hobbies.”
“That’s true. I used to do quite a bit of scuba diving in Lake Okanagan when I used to live in British Columbia.”
“I’m glad to hear that because your scuba diving experience may be very useful for what I have in mind,” said Blake.
“So, what exactly do you have in mind, boss?” asked Daniel.
Just after Daniel asked this question one of the kitchen staff arrived with a plate of finger sandwiches and a generous supply of liquor.
“Will there be anything else for you, sir?”
“Not just yet. I’ll call the kitchen if we need anything later,” replied Blake.
“What do I have in mind, you ask? Nothing less than to capture a live Ogopogo and bring him here to live in our small lake,” said Blake.
Daniel began opening a Heineken and gave Blake a look indicating total disbelief. Blake’s head of security just stared at Blake for several minutes not knowing what to say next.
Blake started to laugh. “I’ve left you speechless, Daniel.”
“Yeah, you might say that. You’re kidding aren’t you, boss?”
“This is no joke. You know how much I love my exotic pets, the more unusual the better. And what could be more rare than an animal that most scientists don’t believe even exists,” said Blake getting out of his chair to pour himself a Jack Daniels and Coke.
“What would you like to drink, Daniel?” asked Blake.
“ A Heineken would be great,sir. You’re serious, aren’t you? asked Daniel reaching for a finger sandwich.
“You bet I am.’
“Well, I know quite a bit about these monster hunting expeditions. I actually took part in one a few years ago, but it was sponsored by National Geographic and was totally funded by their t.v. show,” said Daniel taking a long sip of his beer.
“Which monster were you hunting?” asked Blake. A look of excitement passed over his countenance.
“The Lake Champlain monster, Champ. The expedition only lasted around a week but it must have cost National Geographic a ton of money.”
“Was the expedition successful?” asked Blake.
“Well, we picked up some sonar soundings of a large object in the lake,” answered Daniel.
“Did anyone on your crew actually see Champ?”
“No, but I got scared half to death.”
“Well, I really haven’t told anybody this story because I can’t be sure what really happened,” explained Daniel.


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