Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven:

Garry was medically stabilized at the hospital and would be ready for release in about five days. This situation created a moral dilemma for Lionel and Edith Phelge. They were both in their sixties and had to deal with the stress of Garry’s medical condition for approximately ten years. The cycle had repeated itself too many times. Garry would experience a psychotic break and would be released by the hospital into their care. Garry would be compliant with his treatment plan for a couple of months and would take all his prescribed medications as directed by his psychiatrist. The positive symptoms of his schizophrenia would either not manifest or be greatly reduced in intensity. The negative symptoms of the disease, however, would still be prevalent. Garry would have very little energy and would sleep until the late afternoon.
Garry would be very lethargic and not be motivated to do much but sleep, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee. During these times Garry’s parents found that they were still able to manage living with him.
Then after a few months Garry would decide that he no longer needed to take his medications. He would lie to Lionel and Edith and would tell them that he was still taking his pills. After a few days off his meds, Garry’s positive symptoms of schizophrenia would manifest once again and he would suffer another psychotic break. This crisis situation would necessitate another trip to the hospital to have Garry’s medical condition stabilized.
Lionel and Edith talked the recent incident over and came to the conclusion that they could no longer tolerate Garry’s residing with them. Lionel called the hospital to set up an appointment with a social worker to discuss alternative housing options for Garry when he was released from the hospital this time.
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