Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Thirty-Three:
Lionel Phelge knew that it was possible that he might hear from his son, Garry, in a day or two. If Garry had gone AWOL from the mental health center he would likely quickly run out of options for living accommodations. Then Lionel would either get a phone call from Garry or his son would simply show up at his door unannounced.
Until that time Lionel would give Kyle’s proposition some thought. Lionel felt that it was time that he stopped grieving and feeling sorry for himself. He was still a relatively young man who needed a new challenge in his life. Also, planning this expedition would give him a chance to work with young people. Lionel had always liked having young minds and bodies in his classroom. He felt that this helped keep him up with trends in youth culture. Lionel held no illusions that his generation was superior to the youth of today.
Dr. Phelge was not yet ready to tell Kyle that he had once had a close encounter with Ogopogo. When Lionel was sixteen he and a few of his buddies decided to camp out close to Lake Okanogan. They sat around, drank beer, toasted weiners, told stories and generally had a grand old time. One of his friends brought along his acoustic guitar. The more beer that the group consumed the more they sang along with old classics like Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys and Hang On Sloopy by the McCoys.
As the weather was still fairly warm and the camp fire was adding to the heat, Lionel and his friend Kerry decided to take a speed boat for a ride. They figured that they would drive the boat out a little ways, anchor it and then go for a swim. The sun was just starting to set when Lionel and Kerry jumped into the water and started their swim. They both dove several feet under water. Kerry spotted what appeared to be a large log drifting towards them. As they were swimming in the direction of the log the boys noticed that the object was moving in an undulating, serpentine manner and had paddles. Lionel and Kerry both became extremely frightened when they realized that what they were approaching was not a log but a large living creature. The two guys hurriedly turned around and swam upwards towards their boat. Just as they started up the speed boat they felt the bottom of the boat take an alarming jolt. Lionel pushed the throttle full speed ahead as the boys headed back to camp.
When they joined the rest of their friends by the camp fire both boys were trembling and appeared to be in a daze.
lake monster


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