Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Forty-Five

Chapter Forty-Five
As soon as Bobby hung up the phone, it immediately rang.
“Hello, Kelowna Sun. Bobby O’Connor, here.”
“Hi Bobby. It’s Harvey Perkins calling. I saw you at Tim Horton’s today. I have a great story you might be interested in.”
“Is it a sports story?” asked Bobby.
“Oh no. It’s much better than that. Me and another fisherman saw Ogopogo today.”
Bobby almost dropped the receiver and fell off his chair.

When Ryan and Monique arrived back at Meg Richard’s cottage they were immediately greeted by the welcoming barking of the two dogs, Skippy and Scruffy. John Richards came out of the cottage fully expecting that the dogs were barking to signal the arrival of Ryan and Monique.
“Aunt Meg, Stephanie and I have been wondering all afternoon what it was that you guys were going to tell us. Are you ready to tell us now?”
“As soon as we’re inside and all you guys are sitting down,” replied Ryan.
In a few minute everybody was assembled on Meg’s living room couch.
“Monique and I want to make sure that you can handle what we’re about to tell you. That’s why we wanted to make sure everybody is sitting down,” explained Ryan.
“Is your story so exciting that you think we might faint?” asked Stephanie popping the tab on her Diet Coke.
“It just might be. That’s why we’re being proactive. We don’t want to take any unnecessary risks,” answered Ryan standing up a few feet in front of the couch right next to Monique.
“Okay, now you’ve got us really curious. Tell us your damn story,” insisted Meg now sitting edging closer to the front of the couch.
“This better be a whopper,” added John Richards.
“Actually it will especially be of interest to you, Dad. This is right up your alley,” said Ryan.
By this time the dogs started barking very loudly as they wanted to join the people in the living room. Stephanie got up and let them in. Scruffy and Skippy immediately lay down in front of the couch.
“I’m going to let Monique tell you our story,” said Ryan.
Monique was very nervous and shuffled her feet before beginning to speak.
“Well, to get right to the point of the matter, Ryan and I saw Ogopogo while we were jogging on a trail close to the lake.”
John Richards stood up immediately and said, “Wow, I’ve been hoping all my life to see Ogopogo. My grandmother told me about a close encounter one of her friends had with Ogopogo. Go on, Monique. Give us all the details.”
Meg and Stephanie looked at each other with puzzled looks on their faces, but remained sitting.
Were you able to get any pictures of it?” asked John.
“Fortunately, Monique had her camera with her and was able to take two pictures of the creature,” answered Ryan.
“Unfortunately, the pictures were taken from a distance so I don’t know how helpful they will be in identifying the creature we saw on the lake,” said Monique.
“You never know,” said John who was now pacing around the living room. “We have a lot of new technology today that can probably do a very good job of identifying the object in your photos, Monique.”
“Yeah, they can zoom right in on the object,” said Stephanie.
“Are you going to the media with your story?” asked Meg.
“The media has already approached us,” answered Ryan.
“Yeah, a reporter from The Kelowna Sun overheard us talking about Ogopogo when we were at Tim Horton’s,” added Monique.
“The reporter’s name is Bobby O’Connor, a sports columnist,” said Ryan. ”He asked to borrow our pictures for a couple of days. He told us that he had a friend that was a photo analysis expert and Bobby wants to get his opinion on our pictures.”
“You better hope you get your pictures back before your reporter friend gets them copyrighted,” said John.
“Oh, I’m sure we will,” said Ryan. “Bobby O’Connor strikes me as a straight shooter and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to damage his reputation with his readers,” Ryan replied.
Picture 55


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