Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Forty-Four

Chapter Forty-Four:

“Can I see the pictures you took?” asked Bobby.
“Sure,” said Monique handing the photos over to the reporter.
“These pictures are better than I thought,” said Bobby putting his reading glasses on to get a closer look at the photos. “Although the pictures are taken from a fair distance you can tell that there is definitely a strange object in the water that appears to be moving forward. You can tell by the wave undulations surrounding the creature. Do you mind if I borrow your pictures for a day or two? I’d like to get a photography expert to analyze them. I’ve got a friend who does this sort of thing.”
“So you believe that we really saw Qgopogo?” asked Ryan.
“Absolutely. After you’ve been a reporter for a while you can sense who is trust worthy and who is not and you guys are the real deal.”
Bobby O’Conner got up to leave but not before he got the phone numbers where Ryan and Monique could be reached.
Bobby jumped into his Toyota Camry and didn’t waste any time getting back to his office at The Kelowna Sun. He sat in his chair and immediately phoned his friend the photography expert.
“What’s happening Bobby?” asked Mike O’Grady, “I haven’t heard from you in a while.”
“I need a big favor Mike. I need you to give me your expert opinion on the authenticity of two photos. I’ll need the photographs enlarged as well,” said Bobby.
“What are the photos of?” asked Mike.
“ I’m not certain. That’s why I need you to examine the pictures for me.”
“This sound interesting. I’m home all day today if you want to bring the photos along.”
“I can be at your place within the next hour,” said Bobby.
“I’ll put some coffee on when you get here,” said Mike.
lake monster


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