Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Fifty-Four

Chapter Fifty-Four

Daniel Mason, the head of security for Blake Riley Enterprises had just picked up the morning edition of the Kelowna Sun . He took it to his office to read. As part of his job duties Daniel skimmed through the newspaper underlining, highlighting or writing in the margins anything that might be of interest to Blake Riley. Blake was a voracious reader of both novels and non- fiction books, but didn’t have the patience to read the daily newspaper from cover to cover. That’s why he had his head of security search the paper for him. Blake and Daniel had many conversations in the past and Daniel had a good grasp on what might be of interest to his boss.
As he was reading through the classifieds Daniel noticed a very strange advertisement. It was posted by a marine biologist professor at The University of British Columbia. His name was Dr. Lionel Phelge and he was asking for financial sponsors for an exploratory expedition to hunt for the Ogopogo Lake Monster. As Daniel was putting a large red circle around the ad his office phone rang.
“Hi Daniel, this is Peter Marks, the captain of the boat that searched for Champ. I got a message that you might have a similar expedition in mind.”
“Yes, I do. However, I have to give my boss, Blake Riley the credit for the idea,’ replied Daniel.
“Isn’t he that eccentric billionaire who’s always seeking new adventures.
“I wouldn’t call Blake eccentric, but he is a man that is always looking for new challenges in life,” answered Daniel.

“So what does your boss have in mind?”
“He wants to head up an expedition to capture Ogopogo and keep him in his private zoo,” answered Daniel.
“What! This ups the ante considerably. So we’re expected to capture this creature?”
“That’s Blake’s goal,” answered Daniel.
“Well my crew and I are going to want much more money than National Geographic paid us. We’re also going to need to hire some additional staff for hunting and trapping this animal,” said Peter Marks.
“I wouldn’t worry about adequate compensation. My boss has pretty deep pockets and once he embraces a new project he becomes obsessed by it.”
‘Well, I still have the contact information from the old National Geographic crew and I could call them to see if they’re interested,” said Peter.
“I would appreciate that very much,” said Daniel. “Remember to tell them that getting paid generously for their work shouldn’t be a problem.”

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