Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Sixty-Two

Chapter Sixty-Two
Jack Walby, the editor of The Kelowna Sun called Bobby O’Connor into his office.
“Have a seat Bobby. Would you like a coffee? I just made a fresh pot.”
“Yes, that would be great sir,” answered Bobby.
“Just think. Two weeks ago I was seriously thinking about letting you go. But now everything has changed. The last article you wrote about Ogopogo has gone viral. I never would have dreamed that a mythical lake monster would draw so much attention,” said Jack.
“That’s the point Mr. Walby. A lot of people don’t think that the creature is a myth. They believe it is real.”
‘Personally I don’t care if it’s real or not,” said the editor pouring out two cups of coffee. “I’m in the business of making money selling newspapers and finding and keeping an ever expanding clientele of business people that will buy our advertising space. In my experience the most effective way of meeting these goals is by maintaining a high standard of journalism. Lately my phone has been ringing off the hook with inquiries about your recent article from both readers and potential advertisers. This makes me very happy and has made your continued gainful employment much more tenable.”
“I’m glad to hear that sir. I had an uneasy feeling that my next job could be selling vacuum cleaners door to door.”
Jack laughed out loud. “Not if you keep our readers well entertained with your articles.”
“I’ve got some suggestions for you. Why don’t you interview Dr. Lionel Phelge? He’s a well respected scholar who writes a lot about unusual phenomena. He is presently a marine biology professor at The University of British Columbia. Also, see if you can find a photographic expert that can verify those two pictures that Monique took of the unusual object on the lake.
“I will certainly set up an interview with Dr. Phelge and will try to track down a credible photographic expert. This afternoon I got a lead that two bodies have been found washed ashore by the sheriff’s people on the banks of Lake Okanagan.”
“Well, I guess you have your work cut out for you Bobby,” said his editor.


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